Our Story

Everything started one evening between friends, following discussions and stories about the week that had just gone.

Sitting on the jetty on the bank of the Caldonazzo lake were: Alessia Campestrini, a graphic designer known as the ‘Svergola’; Charlie Libardi, the barman; Ivan Trentini, bachelor and seller of dreams and poetry who goes by the nickname ‘Cripton’.

As for me, Lorenzo Morelli, and the narrator of this story. I was sitting to one side as usual, chatting and building international connections between Italy and Holland.

At some point, the heat was particularly intense, the air coming from Trento and one of the three, I can’t remember who, said: ‘We need something to drink!’.

Alessia exclaimed: ‘A spritz!’

– Yes! – I replied – A Valsuganaspritz! – At which point everyone burst out laughing loudly.

[…]– Why not? – I replied, somewhat piqued – You might laugh, but think about it. We could make it ourselves with aromatic herbs collected by Alessia, a little sugar, natural flavourings that Ivan can get from his grandfather and a little alcohol – just enough for it to reach 11% at most. And the colour, naturally, will be orange in honour of the queen of Holland.

Laughter broke out once again at this remark, topped off by Ivan commenting: ‘Boss, you must be mad!!!’.

This is the brief history of how the idea behind the Valsugana spritz was born. Now all we needed was to find someone crazy enough to produce this strange drink, which should symbolize the Trentino as much as possible.

We found two crazy people from Piacenza who believed in our project – Mr Giarola and Mr Casalini. The former’s mother is a Gilmozzi from Cavalese which explains his mad, Trentino side.

The bottles, obviously, would be produced in Cirè di Pergine by Vetri Speciali, formerly Nord Vetri where a good friend of ours (Lino Perzen Mottesi, known as ‘Boza’) once worked.